Custom Formulations

Fees associated with custom skincare formulations and contract manufacturing are outrageous. We say this because we know how much time, money and effort goes into creating unique products.

While our competitors charge a $5,000 research and development (R&D) for custom product development and $2,500 for making a slight adjustment to a stock private label product, we at A&M Research charge an $1,000 lab fees and that is it! Even better, this $1,000 fee will be credited back to you when you reach a 10,000 unit milestone for the product.

To inquire, send us a message and some basic details:

  • Where you intent to sell (Amazon, Wholesale, Spas, etc)
  • Types of products you intend to sell (hair, body, face)
  • What you’re looking for in your own unique product

As the process begins, we will guide you by making recommendations and allowing you to speak with our procurement team of formulators and designers.